• MyEID 4.5 PKI card

MyEID card is a good choice for securing any kind of electronic transactions. Advanced security features enable also solutions, where very high level of security is needed.

MyEID 4.5 is built on NXP's P60D144 microcontroller which belongs to SmartMX2 P60 family.

Key features:

* MyEID v4.5.5 JavaCard applet
* RSA algorithm up to 4096 bit key length
* ECDSA and ECDH algorithms up to 521 bit key length
* Symmetric encyption with AES
* 144 kilobytes of persistent EEPROM memory
* Windows certified Minidriver
* OpenSC compatible, enabling usage via PKCS#11 interface

The MyEID applet uses the Common Criteria EAL6+ certified microcontroller platform to perform the cryptographic operations.
MyEID 4.5 is fully backwards compatible with earlier versions.

Please find free drivers and toolkit from our website. 

Drivers and Technical info

It is possible to do personalization on request.

  • Offset printing CMYK and Pantone.
  • Barcode and sequential numbering.
  • Black/White/cmyk sublimation printing.

Ask our sales about different options.

MyEID 4.5 PKI card

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